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Dogs of New York Print

Dogs of New York Print

Archival fine art prints, signed by Shani Nizan.

Pick up only at the "Dogs of New York" closing party
April 18th, 6pm, at 45 W 8th street, New York. 

Available 3 diffrent sizes: 
9 x 12 in, 12 x 24 in, or 24 x 28 in 
See ilustration. 


The paper: 
"Moab Juniper Baryta is a 100% cotton, true baryta (barium sulfate) fiber paper that offers a semi-gloss with a contrasty look. This paper has a very big appeal to the street photography and landscape world. This paper has a yellow cotton base and contains zero optical brighteners. It is recommended for fine art photo prints where a rich photo black is required. Best suited for fine art photographs, both color and black and white."

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