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  • Shani Nizan


Throughout the years, I've learned how to get myself inspired. At first, I thought that I'll find inspiration for creation from a deep source of energy, life changing events, or horrible incidents. Slowly, I got to realize that what makes me feel inspired the most is actually practical decisions: specific goals, deadlines, promises to other people, and such. Just like that my life turned to be this collection of games and challenges that help me do better in my everyday life but mostly in my career.

After the "Fitting In" exhibition was over, I felt LOST! Actually, when I think about it now, all of my favorite projects started when I felt lost. This time it was mainly because I felt that I couldn't deal with social media anymore but I also couldn't find another way to promote myself.

I thought I might print postcards. That was the source that brought most of the people to the exhibition. It's also a gift that I can give people to maybe make their day better, even just for a bit, and if I have a QR code there it could help me get some engagement for my website.

But postcards of what!? well, you know already.

When I walk the streets feeling lost, some moments are able to draw me out of this feeling, for example: when I see a dog walking towards me, looking for attention, making eye contact, as if we are talking. In that moment I forget everything but how beautiful animals are.

You might notice that the owners appear vaguely behind and the dogs are looking right at you, so you may have this moment to forget everything but how beautiful animals are.

Now, the best part in the game: BINGO

All I have to do is keep walking the streets of New York City with my postcards in my pocket, and once I see a dog that matches one of the postcards, I can give it as a gift to the owner and we all win!

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