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  • Shani Nizan

One More First Post

For the 4th or 5th time Im going to start writing my blog. Same reason every time: I have thoughts that I would like to share.

Why is it the 4th or 5th time? I guess that in all the previous times my inspired brain wasn't strong enough to win the battles against my lazy brain.

The way I see it, it's a never-ending war between those two (Inspired vs Lazy) and even tough I want to root for Inspired ALL the time, I sometimes find myself on Lazy's side, rooting, supporting and helping.

When I want to help the inspired one Im trying to come up with methods and games and challenges that would be used as an energy source. In the best case and most rare scenario, the game/challenge/methods turns into a strong habit, but most of the times it lasts just until the lazy gets strong enough to simply ignore it. Also, many times there game plan is just not good enough and ends regardless of Lazy.

No energy source to the inspired brain, Lazy have all the room for itself!

I'm aware that I might took my imagination far and that it's too messy to read, I also am pretty sure that I have spelling mistakes here and if so, I apologize. BUT, even so, I decided not to edit this post and to leave it raw because otherwise I think I wouldn't post it at all. Also I feel like we need more rawness in the world!

On the next post Ill write some exhamples for those games and challenges and methods I set as an energy source to the inspired. Actually, probably many of my posts will be some kind of examples because that how I live my life, from one game to another.

Everything is a game and games are everything!

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